PRESS RELEASE: NJGOP Calls Out Murphy Disingenuous Effort On SALT

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NJGOP Chairman Doug Steinhardt called out Governor Phil Murphy over the “disingenuous nature” of the state’s lawsuit against the IRS. The chairman’s press release on the matter follows:

Trenton, NJ - Today, Governor Murphy announced that the state of New Jersey would file a lawsuit against the IRS to end the federal cap on SALT deductions.

NJGOP Chairman Steinhardt released the following statement, calling out the disingenuous nature of Governor Murphy's lawsuit:

"When we say we want honest answers to real problems, this lawsuit is exactly what we are NOT talking about. If Phil Murphy really cared about the infamous property tax burden that all New Jersey families carry, he would have addressed it in any of his budgets or through legislation in Trenton. He has raised taxes and increased spending at every turn.

"This lawsuit is a political stunt and another waste of taxpayer money. If we really want to lift the SALT cap, then we need to send representatives to Washington that can actually have a conversation with President Trump. Right now, we have a group of Trump protestors like Tom Malinowski who spend their time trying to impeach the President rather than improve New Jersey.”