The Adventures Of “Brine Boy” – Gov. Phil Murphy Will Buy You Dinner If He Gets To Tax Millionaires


In case you missed it, Governor Phil Murphy is still aggressively pushing the idea of taxing millionaires at an even higher rate. To get folks to agree to raising taxes on millionaires Murphy is offering taxpayers $125 in the form of a “refundable tax credit.” $125 will surly help with the average property tax bill of $8,767.

That’s right, Phil Murphy is offering you a tax credit that’ll cover the cost of a nice dinner out in exchange for raising taxes on the people who employ us. Don’t bother taking the kids to that nice dinner or even hiring a babysitter for the evening because $125 doesn’t go very far.

Of course the Governor, or “Brine Boy” as we like to call him here at the Bob & Steve Show, doesn’t bother to mention that if he didn’t spend $65 million dumping brine on our roads all winter he might not even have to talk about a tax on millionaires.

But, brine only costs about 17 cents a mile. Murphy according to

“I think it costs 17 cents a mile to brine the road, so if we become the brining state of America, I will not be upset about that,” he’s said.

And, don’t forget the time Murphy took “at least $1.2 million and possibly as much as $2 million was cut from our veterans,” yet could “find $2.1 million for the legal defense of illegal immigrants.” Or the time Murphy found $1.6 million to help send 513 illegal aliens to college.

Amazing isn’t it? We’ve found a couple million bucks Murphy has given illegal aliens in New Jersey and he wants to give you, taxpaying legal residents, $125 by taxing millionaires, the people who create jobs.

Great plan, “Brine Boy,” tax the job creators out of the state.