92 Days Since Bob Andrzejczak Has Been Challenged To Debate Testa

Michael Testa

Michael Testa

It appears temporary state Senator Bob Andrzejczak is auditioning to be South Jersey’s own version of “Silent Bob,” and he isn’t funny!

On the issues Andrzejczak is silent:

The latest: Republican candidate for state Senate in LD1, Michael Testa, challenges Andrzejczak to a debate: 92 DAYS OF SILENCE and counting.

You read that right, way back on March 25th Testa challenged Andrzejczak to a debate. To date Andrzejczak has remained silent.


The Bob & Steve Show even offered to host the debate and we sweetened the post by stating we would invite state Senate President Steve Sweeney to co-host and offered to take suggestions from Andrzejczak for a second Democrat to co-host.

I spoke with Testa after our offer was posted on this blog. He basically said, “any place, any time.” Andrzejczak, nothing but SILENCE.

LD1 is the only state Senate race in New Jersey this year – Andrzejczak can’t hide forever – and we won’t let him.