Gloucester County GOP Chair Forces Paper To Admit It “Missed The Story”

Jacci Vigilante

Jacci Vigilante

Earlier in the week this blog pointed out the local paper in Gloucester County, the South Jersey Times, was forcing Gloucester County Republicans to fight on two fronts.

We praised GCGOP Chairwoman Jacci Vigilante for fighting back against an obviously biased editorial.

Today, the South Jersey Times ran her response to that editorial. Vigilante has to be feeling pretty good because her response forced the editorial board to admit they “missed the story.” From the South Jersey Times:

Editor’s note: Admittedly, we missed the story about the April ballot challenge. Vigilante is correct in that if a candidate receives a sufficient number of write-in votes, that candidate can accept an unclaimed party nomination. Vigilante reports that as of Tuesday, King and Sammons have done so, and will be listed as GOP freeholder nominees this fall.

Forcing the liberal editorial board at the South Jersey Times to admit they missed a story and to write “Vigilante is correct” is the closest thing one will ever see to an apology.

We’re calling this a win for Vigilante.