Sens. Menendez And Booker Decided To Defend Camden’s Machine Democrats

Sens. Menendez & Booker

Sens. Menendez & Booker

It looks like South Jersey’s insurgent progressive Democrats have two new enemies. US Senators Bob Menendez and Cory Booker penned an editorial on June 7th in the Star Ledger.

They did a bit of tightrope walking, but the Senators’ editorial is a defense, actually an endorsement, of the tax incentives the insurgent progressive Democrats have been screaming about. They use the same words the establishment machine Dems use in support of everything happening in Camden. They talk about the schools, things local activists, for whatever reason, are against. They talk about public safety, you know the police department everybody else helps to pay for. And, they talk about jobs, jobs local activists and the insurgent progressive Democrats complain aren’t going to local residents.

As I’ve written before I’m not going to get into the debate about whether tax incentives are good or bad. We can argue that all day. What interests me is the fact that our state’s two US Senators have penned an editorial that goes against everything a very loud group of their constituents are against. These are the same constituents who by continuously supporting whatever Democrat appears on the ballot for any office helped create the problems with the tax incentives in the first place.

A quick look at the results of last year’s election shows the insurgent progressive Democrats in Camden County came out in droves for Menendez, a guy they now know stands for everything they campaigned against this year.

With Booker up for re-election this year, while simultaneously running for president, out publicly as a proud supporter of everything the insurgent progressive Democrats in Camden County are against one has to wonder if these folks will finally do something different and vote against someone who does not stand with them.

My guess is they’ll just keep doing what the machine tells them to do and wonder why nothing changes. Hopefully, they will prove me wrong.