UPDATE: Gov. Murphy Backs Off Firefighters Fund

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After facing bipartisan uproar over his plan to take $33 million from a relief fund for New Jersey firefighters Governor Phil Murphy has changed his mind and will not touch the fund. According to New Jersey Globe (and others) Murphy said:

“We have listened to the concerns of our brothers and sisters in the firefighter community, whom I have the utmost respect and admiration for,” Murphy said. “As a result, I can say unequivocally that we are taking this budget option off the table. The Administration remains committed to ensuring that no family of a fallen New Jersey firefighter will go without help during their greatest time of need. I remain open to working with the Legislature to explore options to loosen the restrictions on the use of these funds so we can provide greater assistance for firefighters and their families.”

Of course, one has to wonder if Murphy truly has “the utmost respect and admiration” for firefighters why he proposed robbing the firefighters fund of $33 million in the first place.

Let’s see who Murphy tries to take money from next. Hopefully the state’s firefighters will think twice before endorsing Murphy again.