Bonnie Watson Coleman Tells Half The Story About Border Security

Bonnie Watson Coleman

Bonnie Watson Coleman

Over the weekend Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman, the same U.S. Representative who sponsored a bill to provide free tampons in public restrooms penned an editorial titled “I saw what Trump’s policies created at the border, congresswoman says. There’s fear, misery and the sound of babies crying.”

Frankly, her editorial was filled with the same left-wing garbage talking points we are all accustomed to reading. She must think we’re stupid.

Watson Coleman obviously did not visit any of the areas of the border that guests on The Bob & Steve Show talked about for three weeks in a row on our radio show. In fact, she visited some of the most secure areas along the border. According to

The group visited processing centers, ports of entry and Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention centers, and surveyed the state of operations for processing asylum seekers and migrant families.

I lived in New Mexico and I’ve been to ports of entry and those areas are secure. There is no arguing that. I’ve also seen places where there is no security, I have friends who live in areas where there is no security and Bob and I have interviewed folks who live in areas where there is no security and they live in fear every day. Does Bonnie Watson Coleman care about them? Obviously not. Did she visit any unsecured locations? Nope!

One would think a member of congress from New Jersey might visit members of the New Jersey National Guard who happen to be in Hidalgo County, NM (where there is no barrier). She didn’t.

How do I know there are members of the New Jersey National Guard in Hidalgo County, NM? Simple, while working on this post I decided to check in with some of the folks who have appeared on The Bob & Steve Show and one of the folks I chatted with met them. She did not meet, or see, any member of Congress from New Jersey.

If Watson Coleman had bothered to visit unsecured border areas she would have heard the stories listeners of The Bob & Steve Show have heard: burglaries, a kidnapping and 12 men with backpacks loaded with drugs and carrying AK47's.

If Bonnie Watson Coleman had bothered to travel just a little to the west she would have learned that the Board of County Commissioners of Hidalgo County passed a resolution that a State of Emergency be declared in that county by the Governor of New Mexico.

Hidalgo Resolution.jpg

She also would have learned that last month Luna County, NM commissioners unanimously passed a resolution supporting the president's declaration of a national emergency along the U.S. southern border.

I spoke with a border resident we had on The Bob & Steve Show while writing this piece and she informed me that her grandson arrived home to find “five illegal border crossers at his house. He arrived home before they had a chance to break in.” Three were caught by authorities, but two got away.

It’s obvious Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman does not care about the issues people face along the border every day. If she did she would seek the whole truth, rather than only things that match the talking points she’s armed with.