Guy Backed By South Jersey’s Political Boss Accuses Testa Of Being A Political Boss

Bob Andrzejczak

Bob Andrzejczak

Temporary state Senator Bob Andrzejczak’s campaign is lying again. First, it was Andrzejczak’s campaign spokesman making the false claim that Michael Testa turned down a debate proposal. The League of Women Voters had to clarify that neither State Sen. Bob Andrzejczak nor Cumberland County GOP chairman Michael Testa had “officially declined” to appear at a debate. The two are scheduled to debate on October 28.

Now, in a TV ad the Andrzejczak campaign calls Testa “one of South Jersey’s biggest political bosses.”

Calling Testa a “political boss” is enough to have Frank Hague and Nucky Johnson laughing from their graves.

In what world is Testa “one of South Jersey’s biggest political bosses?” There is one “political boss” in South Jersey – George Norcross. Don’t take my word for it. The Press of Atlantic City clearly knows there is only one boss in South Jersey recently writing:

“A recent mailer put out by General Majority PAC, which is linked to South Jersey political boss George Norcross…”

The paper called George Norcross “South Jersey political boss.” It didn’t call Testa a political boss.

Need more proof? According to Wikipedia, Category: American political bosses from New Jersey there are only eight political bosses listed from our state and only one in South Jersey is still alive: George Norcross.

I’m not sure why the Andrzejczak campaign insists on lying about Testa. Maybe it’s because he knows he is the one controlled by an actual political boss.