PRESS RELEASE: 372 Days Of Silence Is Too Long

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CCGOP Chairman Rich Ambrosino continued calling out Camden County Democrats on their silence over disgraced former Assemblyman Arthur Barclay still holding a county job. His press release follows:

HADDON HEIGHTS – Today marks 372 days since several Camden County Republican candidates called out Assemblywoman Pam Lampitt and other “South Jersey women leaders” for their silence on the issue of former Assemblyman Arthur Barclay’s arrest.


“Hypocrites! That’s what Assemblywomen Pam Lampitt and Pat Egan Jones and Freeholders Carmen Rodriguez and Susan Shin-Angulo are,” Camden County Republican Chairman Rich Ambrosino said.


“373 days ago these self-proclaimed women leaders complained about Brett Kavanaugh because of allegations, but remained silent over the arrest and subsequent admission of domestic violence by former Assemblyman Arthur Barclay.” Ambrosino added, “They knew Barclay still had a county job because we began asking if he was keeping his county job on July 12, 2018.”


Ambrosino continued, “At the time we asked, ‘Is this just another case of Camden County machine politics where they sweep their problems under the rug?’”


“Susan Shin-Angulo is trying to move from freeholder to mayor of Cherry Hill.” Ambrosino remarked, “Barclay’s transfer to a new job in county government happened on her watch, she owes an explanation to county and municipal voters. Carmen Rodriguez is up for re-election and wants to remain a freeholder, she needs to explain her role in approving Barclay’s job transfer. Pam Lampitt wants to remain in the Assembly, voters have a right to hear her explain her hypocrisy.”


“372 days of silence is too long” Ambrosino said, “Things are different now. This is the new reenergized Camden County Republican Party and we’re fighting the wrongs of the Democrats every step of the way and we are going to right this wrong by getting an explanation as to why the Democrats are protecting a confessed domestic abuser by transferring him to a new job.”