Governor Murphy Should Look In The Mirror Before Accusing Anyone Of Misguided Rhetoric That Is Hurting Our People.

Governor Phil Murphy

Governor Phil Murphy

I didn’t get the chance to see President Donald Trump’s address to the nation last night. Instead I went to Salem County’s reorganization meeting. It could have been exciting because failed Salem County sheriff candidate Bob Gant and I were in the same room, but we never got close enough to each other for any fireworks. Maybe I’ll see him in court some day soon.

Anyway, enough of that. Because I didn’t get to see the President’s speech I decided to read about it and the responses to it this morning. Naturally, I stumbled across Governor Phil Murphy’s response. From Murphy’s website:

“President Trump continues to mislead to justify his nonsensical and damaging shutdown. There is a much better and smarter way for us to invest $5 billion than an impractical non-starter of a wall. The Gateway Project would do more to create jobs, promote economic and national security, and build critically needed 21st century infrastructure. Enough of the misguided rhetoric that is hurting our economy and our people, and making us less safe. Let’s get the government open and get to work to get Gateway done.”

After reading that the first thing I thought was who the hell is he to lecture anyone on the ‘smarter way’ to invest any money?

This is the guy who decided it was a good idea to set aside $2.1 million to help illegal immigrants fight deportation while taking at least $1.2 million, and possibly as much as $2 million, from our veterans. Personally, I think money for our veterans is more important than money to help people who enter the country illegally get a lawyer.

It’s rather odd that Murphy would make the statement, “Enough of the misguided rhetoric that is hurting our economy and our people,” when he hurt our people, our veterans, by cutting money from the Department of Military and Veterans’ Affairs in the budget.

Make no mistake, the cuts to our veterans in the state budget hurt people. We had Bob Garguilo on the radio show and he talked about how two bus loads of veterans were, for lack of better words, left stranded thanks to Murphy’s budget cut to our veterans.

Phil Murphy obviously didn’t care about hurting New Jersey’s veterans so maybe he should look in the mirror next time he wants to accuse anyone else about misguided rhetoric that is hurting our people.

Hopefully someone else will call out Governor Murphy on his BS rhetoric.