Uh, Oh More Soccer Team Headlines For Phil Muprhy. Now Stop Buying Your Towels At Bed, Bath & Beyond, The CEO Is A Co-Owner


Two days ago was my 30th blog post about Phil Murphy and his women’s professional soccer team Sky Blue FC. That post was because Bob and I were happy to see New Jersey’s press is starting to pay attention to something we promised on August 14, 2018. Our promise was simple, “If New Jersey’s press is going to continue to let Murphy off the hook for the horrible treatment of the women on his soccer team and his hypocrisy on pay and gender equality then The Bob & Steve Show will do our best to keep reminding New Jerseyans of the BS Murphy is feeding us.”

While we are happy New Jersey’s press is finally paying attention to this issue, it’s likely not because of all the noise we’ve made for the past five months. Obviously, it’s because the sixth overall pick in this month’s National Women’s Soccer League draft was Murphy’s soccer team, Sky Blue FC, choice of Jersey Girl Julia Ashley. At the time we wrote that Ashley was not happy about being picked by Sky Blue and that others noticed:

Draft 3.JPG

While we are happy New Jersey’s press has finally decided to stop letting Murphy off the hook for the mistreatment of women at his soccer team and acknowledge no one will ever recognize that it was The Bob & Steve Show that wouldn’t let this story go we’re wondering when the progressives will start protesting Bed, Bath & Beyond.

The thing folks seem to forget is that Steven Temares, the CEO of Bed, Bath & Beyond, is a co-owner of the team. Murphy admitted as much saying to the folks at NJ.com back in July 2018:

"At the end of the day, the buck stops with me and my fellow owner," said Murphy, who co-owns the team with Steven Temares, the CEO of Bed, Bath & Beyond.

Given the fact that Ashley isn’t the only draft pick not wanting to play for Murphy and Temares it should be obvious nothing has been fixed at Sky Blue.

Sky Blue also had the second overall pick, Hailie Mace, a women’s soccer superstar, doesn’t want to play for Murphy’s team either. Again, according to Philly.com:

A few hours later, Equalizer Soccer reported that Sky Blue’s biggest prize of the day, UCLA and U.S. women’s youth national team defender Hailie Mace, does not intend to report to the club. Novo acknowledged “there are challenges” with Mace, the No. 2 overall pick, and acknowledged they’ve been caused by the club’s off-the-field troubles.

Given that the soccer world knows Murphy and Temares have a horrible record when it comes to the treatment of women on their soccer team and that progressives love a good protest, we’re wondering when the progressives will start protesting at Bed, Bath & Beyond.