Governor Phil Murphy Allows Trump Derangement Syndrome To Guide His Decisions On Illegal Immigrants

Phil Murphy

Phil Murphy

It’s no secret Governor Phil Murphy sees border security in a different light than those who actually live along the border. He has made New Jersey a Sanctuary State. My guess is that it’s because the Governor, like others suffering Trump Derangement Syndrome, only speaks to people who agree with him.

The Governor even went so far as to release a statement on January 8th claiming, “President Trump continues to mislead to justify his nonsensical and damaging shutdown.” As a reminder, below is the Governor’s full statement from his website:

“President Trump continues to mislead to justify his nonsensical and damaging shutdown. There is a much better and smarter way for us to invest $5 billion than an impractical non-starter of a wall. The Gateway Project would do more to create jobs, promote economic and national security, and build critically needed 21st century infrastructure. Enough of the misguided rhetoric that is hurting our economy and our people, and making us less safe. Let’s get the government open and get to work to get Gateway done.”

For Phil Murphy to refer to the current government shutdown as “nonsensical” is ridiculous and proves he doesn’t seek opinions from those who think differently than he does. Calling a wall “impractical” is just as dumb.

The fact is there are some very serious issues along the border with Mexico, especially in places where there is no barrier. New Jersey, and other sanctuary states, make those issues more serious because more people cross the border illegally and then make their way to sanctuary states.

Just last week we had folks living near the border with Mexico on The Bob & Steve Show to tell their stories. Imagine finding hundreds of pounds of illegal drugs stashed on your property. Imagine waking up at 4:00 in the morning because someone decided to walk into your house. Imagine having to always carry a gun “just in case.”

That’s all reality for a lot of folks who live along the border with Mexico. Governor Murphy doesn’t care. He wants more people to sneak across the border and come hide out in New Jersey all because he hates President Trump.

Maybe Mr. Murphy might take the time to listen to The Bob & Steve Show this week and hear from more folks living along the border with Mexico. He might learn something.