It Appears New Jersey Press Is Starting To Get It

Phil Murphy

Phil Murphy

Here at The Bob & Steve Show we’ve been screaming about Phil Murphy’s dismal record on his treatment of women for months. Back on August 14, 2018 The Bob & Steve Show promised in a blog post, “If New Jersey’s press is going to continue to let Murphy off the hook for the horrible treatment of the women on his soccer team and his hypocrisy on pay and gender equality then The Bob & Steve Show will do our best to keep reminding New Jerseyans of the BS Murphy is feeding us.”

And, we’ve kept that promise, writing about Murphy and his hypocrisy on the treatment of women and pay and gender equality at least 29 times in five months.

I can’t tell you how many times we’ve discussed Murphy’s mistreatment of women on the radio show.

Based on recent headlines it appears the press in New Jersey is starting to get it. A Star-Ledger editorial, “Lift the gag rule on women in Murphy campaign,” Another radio station with, “Phil Murphy has a problem with women” and a Star-Ledger column, “Governor: Women legislators want the gag order lifted, too,” are just a few of the recent headlines to get our attention.

Sure, it’s taken the bravery of Katie Brennan and more recently Allison Kopicki to get New Jersey’s press to start asking questions.

We’re just hopeful that now that some in the NJ press are paying attention to Murphy’s hypocrisy on the treatment of women they’ll keep asking questions. Understandably all the questions being asked now have to do with the administration and his gubernatorial campaign, but don’t forget about the soccer team because there’s a long history of mistreating women there, too.