Disavowed Freeholder Candidate Now Campaigning On Yard Sale Groups On Facebook

Squire Yardsale.JPG

Vincent Squire, the freeholder candidate in Camden County who has been disavowed by his own party, has taken to using yard sale groups on Facebook as part of his social media campaign.

One would think a candidate would be embarrassed to use yard sale groups as part of his social media campaign. Not Squire, this guy doesn’t embarrass easily.

Remember, Squire is the guy who led the charge to stop the installation of a plaque honoring the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King. He didn’t care that the plaque had already been installed, instead he kept sending messages to people trying to claim that he was right and the plaque should not exist. I know because I was the recipient of some of those messages.

The plaque in question is in Maple Shade, Burlington County, Squire is a candidate for freeholder in Camden County. He should be embarrassed for trying to create a campaign issue in a county he’s not running in. The guy is a mess! He’s not embarrassed.

Squire is such an embarrassment that one of his most ardent defenders, Republican congressional candidate in CD1, Paul Dilks called on Squire to get out of the race yesterday on his radio show. You can check it out on the Dilks for Congress Facebook page.

Listeners and readers be careful if you like yard sales, you might run into Vincent Squire. If you do, tell him to stop embarrassing himself and the Republican party.