Believe It Or Not Jeff Van Drew Might Actually Speak On An Issue Publicly

State Senator Jeff Van Drew

State Senator Jeff Van Drew

Jeff Van Drew, the stealth Democratic candidate for Congress in New Jersey’s 2nd congressional district might actually state a position on an issue in public on October 10 at 6:00PM.

According to the Cape May County Herald the debate between Van Drew and Republican congressional candidate Seth Grossman at Stockton University will be televised live by SNJ Today on WACP channel 4.

Throughout the campaign season, it’s been next to impossible to see Van Drew at a public campaign event. We know, we’ve been looking because no matter how many times we say Van Drew is invited on The Bob & Steve Show all we get is crickets. Then again crickets is all anyone gets when it comes to the issues for Van Drew. His campaign website didn’t have issues on it until after Atlantic County Young Republicans Chairman Brian Fitzherbert called him out for the lack of issues on the website on our radio show on July 28.

Van Drew is so afraid to come on The Bob & Steve Show that Senate President Steve Sweeney came on to defend Van Drew and answer our charge that Sweeney protects Van Drew in the state Senate and he won’t have that kind of protection in Washington, DC. We didn’t mind too much because Sweeney is probably a better guest than Van Drew would have been.

For Van Drew it’s probably smart for him not to speak for himself. He tried that once and took a lot of heat in the Troopergate scandal.

So, tune in to channel 4 at 6:00PM on October 10 to watch the Grossman vs Van Drew debate. We’re hoping for Grossman to force Van Drew to speak on an issue because experience tells us Van Drew can’t take the heat and puts his foot in his mouth when he’s under pressure. This could be an exciting televised debate.