Pete the Parrot Strikes Again


The South Jersey Times Editorial Board managed to get their paper placed in the bottom of Pete’s cage with a hypocritical op-ed.

In a Sunday op-ed, “Trash talking Camden’s workforce is offensive,” the editorial board took Holtec CEO Kris Singh to task. They even ended the piece with:

By Friday afternoon, Singh had "clarified" his remarks, so all will be forgiven by the bigshots. The hard-working majority of people who live in Camden and environs have cause to remain offended.

The editorial board is entitled to their opinion, after all it was an opinion piece. What they are not entitled to is hypocrisy. This editorial board went out of its way to praise U.S. Representative Donald Norcross. They wrote:

It's not clear from the roi-nj interview to what extent Holtec accepts that responsibility. But, in comments for the same article, U.S. Rep. Donald Norcross, D-1st Dist., suggests that other new-to-Camden employers are doing more. Norcross cites European Metal Recycling as one firm that has invested heavily in one-on-one training.

Not even Public Broadcasting, WHYY praised Norcross. WHYY wrote in a piece online:

Protesters also blasted U.S. Rep. Donald Norcross, whom they claimed compared Camden workers to children in the same ROI-NJ story.

“When you stop to think about it, I say children are that one asset that you can’t blame them for anything,” the Democrat told ROI-NJ. “Same thing goes for people who have not had a structure that taught them.”

Yet at the City Hall press conference, Moran and a half dozen other local leaders vouched for Norcross’ character and praised the work he has done in Camden, where he lives. The two-term congressman also announced that he would be organizing a summit on jobs and career training in Camden next week.

One of South Jersey’s other papers reported on Norcross’ comments. So did others.

Not, the South Jersey Times editorial board. They chose to suck up to the congressman. Speaking of sucking up, Camden Mayor Frank Moran did the same.

We can argue over whether or not the “hard-working majority of people who live in Camden and environs have cause to remain offended,” but this hard-working person who gets in his car and drives to Wawa every Sunday morning to buy a copy of the South Jersey Times has a right to be offended, once again, by this editorial board.

The only question left for the South Jersey Times editorial board is: are they hypocrites or simply an extension of South Jersey’s Democratic Party?