Notice How Fast The Holtec Story Died?


Did anyone else notice how fast the Holtec story died?

Since last week was so long ago, to refresh your memory Holtec’s CEO, Kris Singh, gave an interview in which he complained, “Holtec cannot recruit and retain the workforce it needs — despite huge efforts to hire local employees.”

Democratic Congressman Donald Norcross, in the same interview, made comments that appeared to be in agreement with Singh saying in part, “We saw the same thing (with the union) as Dr. Singh and Joe Balzano. There is mentoring that has to take place.”

Then of course everyone complained about Holtec’s CEO. Camden Mayor Frank Moran demanded an apology, left-leaning activists and organization’s lined up to call the CEO a racist and Sunday the South Jersey Times ran an editorial that was unflattering toward Singh. In the same editorial the folks at the South Jersey Times found a way to find something positive to say about Norcross.

I’m still wondering why an apology was demanded from Singh, but Mayor Moran still hasn’t demanded an apology from Congressman Norcross. The man said “We saw the same thing…” That means he agreed with Singh.

Could it be that Mayor Moran lacks the courage to call out members of his own party?

Why did the South Jersey Times not use their editorial to call out Norcross along with Singh? Could it be that it wouldn’t fit with their BS narrative?

About the only truth in the entire Holtec story is that something has to be done to improve the preparedness of the workforce in Camden. Unfortunately, that isn’t going to happen until folks start voting a different way. Given that the city has had a mayor from the Democratic party since 1936 one might think the folks living in Camden might try something different. Time will tell.