At Least This State GOP Chair Has A Set

NJGOP Chairman Doug Steinhardt - Image stolen from his Facebook page

NJGOP Chairman Doug Steinhardt - Image stolen from his Facebook page

One thing I realized since we launched The Bob & Steve Show is slow news days suck, at least when it comes to the blog portion of our venture. Fortunately, Governor Phil Murphy is an easy target.

Because the news is slow, I was scanning the internet for something to write about and visited the state GOP’s website and found they issued a press release today in which NJGOP Chairman Doug Steinhardt took a shot at the guv – and it was a much better shot than the last time I mentioned him in this blog.

Where have Republicans been hiding this guy? I can’t recall the last state party chairman picking fights with the opposition. I’ve never met Steinhardt, wouldn’t know him if I tripped over him, but he has a set and I like that.

In Steinhardt’s statement he even took a shot at Murphy and “his beleaguered soccer team,” and given the NJ press letting Murphy off the hook on that issue I give Steinhardt bonus points.

This makes the second time in a month I’ve said nice things about our state party. I haven’t said that many nice things about the party since moving back to this state 5 years ago. Keep up the good work Chairman Steinhardt!

Here’s the party’s press release:

NJGOP Chairman – Murphy’s Extremist Liberal Agenda Has Democrats Acting Like Republicans

Trenton, NJ – Following last week’s release of recommendations from a study commission lead by three Republican and two Democrat Senators, NJGOP Chairman Doug Steinhardt released the following statement:

“New Jersey is teetering on the edge of a fiscal cliff. In large part, we are pushed there by Governor Murphy’s extreme, liberal agenda, and middle class families are holding on with their finger tips. For anyone who doubts the gravity of New Jersey’s affordability crisis, a group of career Democrats lead by Senate President Steve Sweeney and Majority Leader Lou Greenwald now admit that we are at a breaking point.

“Imperiled by Murphy’s socialist platform, Democrat legislators are at a cross roads. Their future, and New Jersey’s, depends largely on what they do next.  On one hand, Murphy’s buy now, pay later, government free for all portends for the state’s 9 million residents the same fate that befell his beleaguered soccer team.  On the other hand, the Republican laid path of common sense and fiscal accountability is the bedrock of this bipartisan report. On which side of history will New Jersey’s Democrats fall? They can’t choose both. It was only two months ago that Democratic leaders stood side by side and grew NJ government by some $2 billion and raised taxes by $1.7 billion more.

“Now, it’s gut check time. Statehouse Democrats need to channel their inner Republican and come forward to push through these fiscal reforms. They will be judged by what they do.”