Grossman Continues To Gain Support And An Autograph Seeker

Grossman HS.jpg

According to the New Jersey Globe 2nd District State Senator Chris Brown “isn’t dumping Seth Grossman.” The New Jersey Globe reports, “Brown said on Thursday that he supports the Republican nominee.”

Senator Brown, unlike some wishy-washy Republicans, gets it. Seth Grossman won the primary, therefore he is the Republican candidate. Sam Fiocchi and Hirsh Singh both were in the primary to the end and offered statements of support after the election.

Maybe our fellow Republicans can learn from Sen. Brown, Fiocchi and Singh.

In another example that Grossman continues to gain support, something happened at last night’s Atlantic County Young Republicans meeting. A woman Bob nor I had ever seen at a GOP function showed up at the meeting late last night, as Seth Grossman was speaking. She came to the front of the room, pulled out her phone and got very close to Seth, almost uncomfortably close, filming him or maybe just taking pictures, and when he finished she asked him for his autograph.

So, strangers are now asking Grossman for his autograph. His support is growing.