Robert Turkavage Should Listen To Chris Christie

Robert Turkavege Facebook Photo

Robert Turkavege Facebook Photo

Being a sometimes critic of Chris Christie I had a little bit of difficulty typing the words “Robert Turkavage should listen to Chris Christie” – but he should listen.

Yesterday, New Jersey Globe reported former GOP congressional candidate Robert Turkavage called for Seth Grossman “to drop out of the race” for congress.

Sure, Grossman has come under fire from the left for things he has said, but Turkavage lost the primary and when you compete in a primary part of the deal is you support the winner. Hirsh Singh and Sam Fiocchi understand this and both put out statements of support for Grossman after the primary.

Maybe Turkavege put out his statement to try and stay relevant, maybe he’s a sore loser, either way to paraphrase what Chis Christie said at the Morris County GOP Unity Breakfast, Turkavege, and other wishy-washy Republicans, have till Labor Day to fall in love with Seth Grossman.

Losing is never easy! I was with Fiocchi in the primary. Others were enamored with Singh. Brian Fitzherbert would have been a good candidate if someone hadn’t had him tossed off the ballot. But, the primary is over and it’s time to get behind the nominee, the candidate chosen by voters of our party. Poor choices in words, attacks from the left don’t matter because Grossman is still better for Republicans than Jeff Van Drew who will go to Washington and oppose the President’s policies.

As hard as it is for me to agree with him, Chris Christie was 100% correct when he told the folks in Morris County, “Losing in November is always worse than losing in June.”