We Could Have An Exciting GOP Primary Coming


Well, state Senator Jeff Van Drew is moving on to Congress. That means we could see an exciting primary election for the special election to fill his state senate seat.

There’s been a lot of talk that Cumberland County Republican Chairman Michael Testa is going to run for Van Drew’s Senate seat. Our friends at New Jersey Globe wrote about it yesterday.

The Globe, and others, have pointed out that Republicans believe without Van Drew on the ballot in LD1 it will be easier to win there.

What appears to be a big spike in former LD1 Assemblyman Sam Fiocchi’s social media activity has some folks wondering if he is looking at taking a run at the Van Drew senate seat. I called my friend Sam and he was noncommittal in his answer.

Adding to the intrigue is there’s a rumor about a possible third contender coming out of Cape May County. Unfortunately, the person who called me about that would not give up a name. I argued this possible third contender was likely an assembly candidate, but the caller insisted the mystery candidate is eyeing the senate seat.

All this could mean excitement, or with three candidates we could see them settle differences and quickly round out a complete team in LD1. Stay tuned!