Where Exactly Does Gloucester Township School Board Election Winner Live?

Brian Reagan

Brian Reagan

Readers of The Bob & Steve Show blog may recall that shortly after election day questions about the residency of one of the winners of a school board race in Gloucester Township were brought to our attention.

Those questions include: Why did the Township’s communications director register the campaign website? Why was the address of a porn shop used as the registrant address for a school board campaign website? How someone could go from assistant manager of a mall retail store to communications director of a large township? And, where exactly does Brian Reagan, one of the winners of the school board race, actually live.

Well, okay, really the only question we were asked was where he really lives. Trying to get an answer to that question has led us to many other questions that we will eventually get answers to.

Today’s post focuses on where Reagan lives.

Most of my sources tell me Reagan splits his time between a home in Margate on North Jefferson and his girlfriend’s home on Hamilton Street in Philly. One source was sure he lives in Philly with his girlfriend who “is a dentist or something.” She no longer works for a dentist and may or may not work for a certain lawyer who may or may not live in the town where he just won an election. Real estate records show Reagan owns the Cedar Creek Drive home in the Glen Oaks section of Gloucester Township that he listed on his nominating petitions.

Because it drives me insane when people run for office and lie about where they live I have taken many trips to the neighborhood of the Cedar Creek Drive house. Unless the guy is out every single time I drive or walk by, there is no way Reagan lives in that house.

Add to the fact that I spoke with a neighborhood resident who does not want his or her name to appear in print, I am positive Reagan does not live in that house. That’s what the neighborhood resident said. Though the resident said Reagan does have nice employees who tend to smile and wave.

Because I do believe in being fair, I did find Reagan’s law firm website and emailed him a question for this post. The email I sent follows:

Mr. Reagan,

By now I am sure you are aware readers of our blog and listeners of our show have called into question your residency.

I'm working on a follow-up piece for tomorrow morning. Because, believe it or not, I do believe in being fair, I'm emailing you one simple question, so as to not be one-sided in my approach.

At least one neighborhood resident, who does not want their name mentioned, says you do not live at the Cedar Creek Drive home listed on your nominating petition. Do you live at the address listed on your nominating petition? I suspect you will answer yes, in which case that's what I'll write, kind of like a "he said, she said" type of thing (though "she" may be a "he").

Just trying to get to the bottom of all this. Thanks for understanding and thanks in advance for answering my question.


I figure the least I can do is ask the man directly if he lives where he claims to live. Everyone deserves the opportunity to lie keyboard to keyboard. If he answers I will post his reply.

I really am going the extra mile by sending him a question. If I wanted to, I could have someone apply for the job he has posted for his law firm:

Reagan Ad.JPG

Maybe I could get one of my sisters apply for the job and ask if they work only at the listed Haddonfield address or if he has any other offices. Maybe they would be told they might have to go to work with some of the others at the Cedar Creek Drive property. I won’t do that, it would be unfair, plus I don’t think I could get either of my sisters to do it.

I’ll keep searching for actual answers but until then all the evidence suggests Reagan does not actually live in Gloucester Township. If he does, please provide me with the proof.