New Jerseyans Brine Turkeys As Gov. Murphy Brines Roads

I was doing my best not to write anything about Governor Phil Murphy and snow. He failed the test of his first snowstorm. Miserably!

Mainstream news sources, usually happy to suck up to the Governor, did a fairly good job beating Murphy up over his failure in handling last week’s snowstorm. Other bloggers did an even better job. I really saw no need to add to it all.

Then yesterday happened. I had a lot of local traveling to do, I spent time driving Routes 42, 55 and 295 and couldn’t help noticing the roads were being treated for a winter storm. My co-host, Bob Greco, told me there were snowplows parked on the sides of the roadway not far from his home.

Basically, Murphy spent millions of tax dollars preparing for a storm that no one forecast.

But at least we know my co-host can safely travel New Jersey’s brined roads to get to where he’s going to brine his turkey.

Have a happy Thanksgiving!