PRESS RELEASE: Cumberland GOP Chair Welcomes Menendez

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Bob Menendez is scheduled to appear in Vineland today and Cumberland GOP Chairman Michael Testa isn’t holding back. Below is Testa’s press release:

Cumberland GOP Chairman Michael Testa Welcomes Menendez To South Jersey

Menendez finally realizes South Jersey exists after a quarter of a century in DC

VINELAND – Cumberland County Regular Republican Organization Chairman Michael Testa, upon learning the Vineland Municipal Democratic Committee is hosting an event with U.S. Senator Bob Menendez today, welcomed the scandal-plagued Senator to Cumberland County.

“I congratulate the Vineland Municipal Democratic Committee on getting Senator Menendez to realize there is a southern portion of the state,” CCRRO Chairman Michael Testa said, “The Senator’s driver probably got directions to Vineland from Bob Hugin.”

“This is Menendez’s first visit to Cumberland County in contrast to Bob Hugin who has been here many times over the course of this campaign.” Testa continued, “I hope Menendez pays close attention after he gets off Route 55 and looks out the window at all the closed businesses.”

Testa added, “Perhaps after realizing that decades of single party rule has devastated Cumberland County with high unemployment, rising crime rates and taxes the highest they’ve ever been Senator Menendez can explain to us why he has done nothing to help South Jersey and Cumberland County since arriving in Washington, DC in 1993.”

“Of course, Menendez will argue he helped get money for New Jersey after Superstorm Sandy, but the truth is Governor Chris Christie led the charge on that,” Testa said. “So, thanks for coming to Cumberland County Senator, it is truly unfortunate that it took the fact that you just realized you need South Jersey to try to win re-election to make you pay attention to the lower end of the state after a quarter of a century in DC. Welcome to Cumberland County and enjoy your stay.”


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