Has Disavowed Freeholder Candidate Vincent Squire Lost His Mind? Now He’s Claiming A Real Person Isn’t Real.

Vincent Squire

Vincent Squire

Twice in the same day with this guy, but it truly does appear Vincent Squire has lost his mind.

Squire has been very active on social media today with some ridiculous stuff.

First, Squire chose to share an almost week old post by Paul Dilks to claim “Vengeance” is his.

Squire Attack.JPG

This is exactly the point I was trying to make in a blog post shortly after Dilks’ first posted his comments now being shared by Squire. I explained in the blog post, “It helps no one.” Now, perhaps the few people who sided with Dilks understand what I was talking about. Squire is using that post as a way to claim the Camden County GOP attacked him. They didn’t, but in the world of Squire truth often doesn’t matter. We already know Squire was collecting $5 donations for an apparently illegal game of chance, that he attempted to solicit $20,000 campaign contributions and that he paid for billboards.

Given the fact Squire has yet to report raising or spending any money to New Jersey’s Election Law Enforcement Commission, he should be the last person sharing anything that mentions money. He obviously spent money on his billboards and campaign literature.

Not only is Squire using someone else’s social media post to claim vengeance and that he was attacked, he also has made the claim that an actual, real person is a pseudonym for Pennsauken blogger Mike Astringer.


To write, “For those who don’t know Scot DeCristofaro is really Mike Astringer,” is beyond stupid.

Not only is Scot DeCristofaro an elected member of the Camden County Republican Committee from Haddon Township, but DeCristofaro is also a past Republican candidate. In 2009 he knocked on 15,000 doors as a candidate for the Assembly in LD6. In 2010 DeCristofaro ran for Camden County freeholder, the last time Republican freeholder candidates raised enough money for TV ads.

It’s ashamed so many people were duped by Squire into believing he would be a good candidate for office and an even bigger embarrassment that there are people out there who still buy this guy’s cons.

Hopefully, by now, it should be obvious to anyone reading this that Vincent Squire either has a serious problem with the truth or he has simply lost his mind.

Unfortunately, I doubt this will be the last time I write about Squire because he never quits. He doesn’t embarrass easily either. He does have a court date coming soon for the second-degree assault charge hanging over his head, maybe that’ll finally silence him.