Freeholder Candidate Who Held A “Game Of Chance” To Raise Money Now Solicits $20,000 Donations

Vincent Squire

Vincent Squire

Vincent Squire, the Camden County freeholder candidate who was disavowed by his own party and possibly violated the law by holding a raffle to raise funds for his campaign is at it again.

This time he is asking for $20,000 campaign contributions.

Squire 20k.JPG

In a Facebook post Squire wrote, “The maximum you can give is $20,000 if you do not have it all you can make daily installations.”

I really don’t understand Squire. The guy must think the rules don’t apply to him. The New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission (ELEC) is clear on how much an individual can contribute to a campaign, and it’s not $20,000. Never mind the fact that PayPal, by law, “is limited to $10,000 USD or it’s foreign equivalent per transaction.” I didn’t make that up it says it on PayPal’s website, which is where Squire wants you to make your online contribution to his campaign.

I can’t wait until this guy’s court date for his second degree assault charge against his own son gets here. That should be enough to finally make him disappear from South Jersey’s political landscape.