Will South Jersey Democratic Voters Do What Their Party Leaders Refuse To Do And Reject The Three Flawed Candidates They Have On Ballots?

Jason Ravitz, Bob Gant & Bob Menendez

Jason Ravitz, Bob Gant & Bob Menendez

South Jersey Democratic party leaders love pointing out the perceived wrongdoings of Republicans. Notice I said perceived. South Jersey Democrats are quick to scream and yell about President Donald Trump. They’ve attacked GOP congressional candidate Seth Grossman because they don’t like things he has said.

Yet, when local Democrats actually do something wrong, silence from those same Democrats.

Former Assemblyman Arthur Barclay gets arrested. Not a peep. Now we have a special election in LD5 because he had to resign after Republicans discovered his arrest.

Former Haddon Township Commissioner Paul Dougherty is involved in a hit and run accident. Again, nothing. Dougherty eventually resigns because he also happens to be corrupt.

Voorhees Township Deputy Mayor Jason Ravitz gets in two bar brawls. One of those brawls is at an Applebee’s. I quit drinking over two years ago and, thanks to my drinking days, I know how hard it is to get into a fight at Applebee’s. I’m pretty sure I’ve tried. Not a word from South Jersey Democrats.

Sheriff candidate Bob Gant allegedly beat a handcuffed inmate at the old Salem County Jail unconscious. Evidence, in the form of a court document, is presented that suggests the incident did happen. The alleged victim comes forward and discusses the alleged incident on the radio. Democrats are silent.

Vincent Squire, a Republican running for freeholder, is discovered to have a second-degree assault charge pending in Superior Court and Camden County Republicans fist ask him to dropout of the race, he refuses, so Republicans disavow him. Camco Republicans didn’t try to hide it, they didn’t ignore their candidate was severely flawed, they got rid of him.

South Jersey Democratic leaders are burying their heads in the sand. Never mind that Ravitz’ bar brawls are on video and Gant’s alleged indiscretion is supported with court documents and the story from his alleged victim, the Democrats still have U.S. Senator Bob Menendez.

Sure, Menendez was never convicted in court, but a hung jury does not mean he is innocent. There is still the fact that Menendez tried to help his buddy, Salomon Melgen, after he ripped off Medicare. Let’s not forget Menendez’s own lawyers conceded the fact he helped young women get visas to come to America to be with their sugar daddy, Melgen. And, Menendez own lawyers argued that messing around with underaged hookers in the Dominican Republic “would hardly be a federal crime even had it been true.”

Rather than call out Menendez for his actual wrongdoings, South Jersey Democratic leaders simply keep him out of South Jersey. Don’t take my word for it, just look, has he been seen campaigning with South Jersey Democrats? Nope! But Bob Hugin has been seen campaigning, a lot, with South Jersey Republicans.

South Jersey Democratic leaders need to stop complaining about Republicans and learn from the Camden County Republicans and clean their own house first.

Now it is up to South Jersey Democratic voters to do what their party leaders have refused to do and reject the three flawed candidates they have on ballots – Menendez, Ravitz and Gant.