Bar Brawling Deputy Mayor Sends A Letter To Voters

Jason Ravitz

Jason Ravitz

Bar brawling Voorhees Township Deputy Mayor Jason Ravitz has sent a letter to voters claiming to be a “happier, healthier, better person.”

Ravitz opens his letter talking about “certain incidents from the distant past.” What Ravitz doesn’t say in his letter is one of those “distant past” incidents happened this year. The other incident happened only 14 months ago. “Distant” is used to make it appear that Ravitz’s bar brawling is something from long ago. Congratulations to his campaign consultant for helping with the letter, all the right points have been hit.

Whether Ravitz and the campaign consultant who helped him write his letter want to admit it or not, two bar brawls in a five-month period is a pattern.

It appears Ravitz only discusses one of his bar brawls in his letter to voters because he writes, “While I may have been provoked by anti-Semitic and racist comments made against me and my friends…” which was an unproven issue in his first reported bar brawl incident, not the second.

I’m not arguing if anti-Semitic and racist comments were made in the first reported bar brawl, I’m asking what Ravitz’s excuse for fighting at Applebee’s was/is.

Never mind that it takes a special kind of person to get into a fight at Applebee’s. According to the police report Ravitz had been flagged by Applebee’s management and it was Ravitz who decided to inject himself into a family’s discussion. Please, don’ take my word on the police reports, they can be viewed by clicking here.

Then we get to my favorite part of the Ravitz letter. He goes for the sympathy home run writing, “While these attacks have had a tremendous impact and have taken their toll on my children…,” which might be the biggest line of BS in the letter. The only person to blame for the “toll” on his children is Ravitz. No one made him drink. No one made him show up at the Applebee’s in such a state that the manager flagged him after half a drink.

People may argue about the timing of the release of Ravitz’s bar brawl incidents, but they cannot argue these incidents are facts. Contrary to popular opinion, releasing facts is not negative campaigning. Elected officials, and those running to be elected officials, are held to a higher standard, and they should be because these are the people who control, or want to control, budgets of millions of dollars.

So, maybe Ravitz is a “happier, healthier, better person” but Voorhees voters have to ask if he’s a “happier, healthier, better person” than he was only 9 months ago. Does someone who was involved in two bar brawls, only 5 months apart become a “happier, healthier, better person” in less than a year? As a former drinker, I doubt it, but it’s up to Voorhees voters to decide.

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