Democrats Gone Wild; The Real Ravitz

Jason Ravitz

Jason Ravitz

Kudos to the New Jersey Globe for breaking the story of Voorhees Deputy Mayor Jason Ravitz being involved in a bar fight.

This is the latest incident of Democrats gone wild in Camden County, it’s the third time we’ve learned of an incident involving law enforcement and elected Democrats in the county. First, was former Assemblyman Arthur Barclay, then Haddon Township Commissioner Paul Dougherty and now we learn that last year Ravitz had a run in with law enforcement.

Fortunately for Ravitz no charges were filed against him by police. I can say with confidence if I had acted like Ravitz did with the police I would have been wearing matching bracelets.

The problem with police not filing charges is that Ravitz obviously feels no need to take responsibility for his actions. According to the New Jersey Globe:

He said that the emergence of the videos in September was designed by his opponents.  Democrats have a 4-1 majority on the Township Committee, with two Democratic seats up this year.

“This is a perfectly timed political hit job to affect my campaign,” Ravitz said.

Of course, it’s “a perfectly timed political hit job to affect” his campaign. There’s even a website, “The Real Ravitz,” ( paid for by the Camden County Republicans. The website has some interesting video that is worth the watch.

Now that “The Real Ravitz” is public the big question left to ask is how will Ravitz react? Will he do like Haddon Township’s Dougherty and go into hiding. Will Voorhees residents do like those in Haddon Township and start show up at the next council meeting and ask questions? Will residents vote Ravitz out? He’s obviously not really deputy mayor material.