It’s Embarrassing When Anti-Gun Nuts Have To Fix A Law After Passing It


As if living in a state where a slingshot is illegal wasn’t bad enough, the rocket scientists in Trenton are in the process of “fixing” the new law limiting the size of firearms magazines in New Jersey to 10 rounds because as passed many cops would be violating the law while off duty.

Apparently, back in June, when Governor Phil Murphy was signing a bunch of new anti-gun laws and bragging that “We are going to be a leader in the fight for common-sense gun safety,” common-sense had gone out the window.

It appears that not one member of the legislature, nor the governor or his staff, had enough sense to check with anyone in law enforcement. If they had, they would have learned that most police service weapons use magazines that hold between 12 and 17 rounds. They would have learned what most of us already knew – that cops are always on duty, meaning they carry their weapons even when not “officially” on duty.

Because police officers are never really off duty many cops would be in violation of the new magazine law. That led to the passage of S2846 in the state Senate. The bill makes an exception for law enforcement to keep cops from violating the law. The Assembly version A4304 has been referred to Assembly Judiciary Committee according to the legislature’s website.

According to

"State Sen. Loretta Weinberg, D-Bergen, a sponsor of the measure, said it was meant to 'correct an oversight' that may have prohibited some police officers from carrying their service weapons while off duty."

Yeah, let’s call it “an oversight.” We all know that “an oversight” is simply code for “you’re an anti-gun nut who just doesn’t care about law-abiding gun owners.”

It must be embarrassing to have to pass a bill to fix your own screw up. Great job New Jersey legislature!