The “Baby Trump” Balloon Guy Wants Us To Feel Sorry For Him

Based on some news reports some guy I had never heard of, Didier Jimenez-Castro, wants people to feel sorry for him. His feelings changed quickly given the fact he was happily giving interviews to any reporter who would listen when he and some other person created the “Fund To Bring Baby Trump To America” GoFundMe page.

Apparently, Mr. Jimenez-Castro is upset that some Trump supporters “have been calling and emailing his workplace intending to have him fired.”

What did he expect? Folks on the left side of the aisle have used this tactic for years. If you do or say something they don’t like they go straight to your job. I know this to be true from experience, like that time in New Mexico, when on my personal time and not in my role as the executive director of a county GOP organization, I referred to a young left-wing paid political operative as a “radical bitch.” Was I wrong for using that word? That depends on your point of view but I did apologize and still folks on the left flooded the office with phone calls and emails, I was suspended without pay, forced to take a social media etiquette course paid for out of my own pocket and then, six weeks after the fact I returned to work only for the calls to the office to resume. There were so many calls there was no way I could continue with my job and here I am in exile in my home state of NJ. The progressive Democrat who led the charge to get me fired is now a member of city council in Albuquerque.

Even now, people have called the radio station to complain that The Bob & Steve Show shouldn’t be on the air. It’s the way the left operates.

Look at the way the left treats members of the Trump administration when they do simple things, like go out to eat.

The guy Jimenez-Castro set up the GoFundMe page with is a member of a group of regular Trump protestors. Of course, people from the other side of the argument are going to respond exactly like your side does.

Do I think it’s right to mess with someone’s job? No, of course not. But, when the left has been doing this for years, even decades, you cannot blame it on Trump supporters. In fact, the only people to blame are those who sat back and let the left get away with it for years.

No, Mr. Jimenez-Castro you have zero right to whine that people tried to get you fired, especially after you spent days bragging to the press about the stupid balloon coming to America. You, and others on the left, sat back and did nothing when others attacked the jobs of folks on the right. You are now reaping what folks on your side of the aisle have sown.