Attack Launched In CD2 And It Wasn’t By A Candidate


The other day, after receiving an email from Seth Grossman via Liberty and Prosperity I wrote a little piece titled “Grossman Sounding Like A Candidate.” In that piece, after reminding readers that Bob and I were Grossman “supporters after last year’s congressional primary” I pointed out that he was “wrong on the issue of the party recruiting candidates” for the 2020 primary in CD2.

Here we are, two days later and apparently Steven Rogers of the America Winning Coalition isn’t happy with Grossman.

Rogers took to Twitter to voice his opinion of Grossman’s email:


I called Grossman for comment. Shockingly, he had no comment.

I did call Rogers for comment and left a message at 5:14PM.

So with about 43 weeks to go before primary election day 2020 we have one announced candidate outed for once saying “‘semen-exposed’ women have better cognitive skills,” a potential candidate accusing the party of recruiting two candidates into the race and another announced candidate already coming with a major endorsement.

Some thought last year’s CD2 primary was rough, 2020 is shaping up to make that one look timid.

Stay tuned! I’m sure there’s going to be more.

Note: While Bob has endorsed Brian Fitzherbert for next year’s CD2 primary, Steve is completely neutral and making no endorsement