BREAKING NEWS: Haddon Township Commissioner Paul Dougherty To Resign

Paul Dougherty

Paul Dougherty

Haddon Township Commissioners are scheduled to hold their caucus meeting tonight at 7:00. Sources say, Commissioner Paul Dougherty, the guy who tried to blame his wife for a hit and run accident he was involved in, is going to resign as a commissioner tonight.

I emailed back and forth with Mayor Randall Teague who at 3:13PM informed me, “My understanding is that he will be resigning. However, I have not received anything in writing as of yet.” The mayor went on to tell me if he heard anything he would let me know.

At 4:36PM Mayor Teague informed me he has received Commissioner Dougherty’s resignation. The resignation is official when Teague puts it on the record at tonight’s caucus meeting.

Dougherty still faces a court appearance next week over his hit and run accident at which time the commissioner’s saga will reach its conclusion.

Another Haddon Township Car Crash And It Is Not Being Covered Up

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It’s starting to look like alcohol and car wrecks are becoming a thing in Haddon Township.

Several residents sent us emails asking about an off-duty Haddon Township cop being involved in an accident. Some writers seemed to believe the township was trying to hide it.

The only reason this is news is because by now most reading this are aware of the saga of Paul Doherty, the Township Commissioner who also happens to be a prosecutor in multiple municipalities who drove into the back of a car and left the scene of the accident.

The Bob & Steve Show has learned the residents who sent us the above mentioned emails were correct that an off duty Haddon Township police officer was involved in a car accident in a neighboring town. One source said the officer’s female passenger was injured. A second source said the female passenger suffered a fractured pelvis, but the exact injury has not yet been confirmed. Both sources claim alcohol was involved, that the officer refused the breathalyzer and one source claims the officer is now in a 30-day rehabilitation program.

This story is developing and many questions are left unanswered. I sent an email to the mayor and he did respond with, “Steve: An accident is being investigated by the Camden County Prosecutor’s office. At this time, I am sorry but I cannot comment.”

Given that I have received that response from Mayor Randall Teague, I believe it is safe to say Haddon Township residents should be happy to know their mayor is not trying to cover anything up. Frankly, simply stating there is an investigation is about as transparent as the mayor can be. He deserves credit for saying more than the standard “we can’t comment” garbage.

So, to those who have been emailing us with the belief your government has been trying to cover something up. You’re wrong. The incident is under investigation.