PRESS RELEASE: CCGOP Freeholder Candidates Welcome Bloomberg To Camden County

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Camden County GOP Freeholder Candidates Welcome Mayor Bloomberg To Camden County

Cybulski and Gustafson suggest Mayor Bloomberg avoids county roads due to potholes

CHERRY HILL – Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is scheduled to headline a “$1,000 per individual guest” fundraiser in Camden County tonight. Camden County Republican Freeholder candidates Keith Cybulski and Claire Gustafson said it would be in poor taste not to “welcome” such an honored guest to the county.

“I would like to be among the first Republicans to welcome Mayor Bloomberg to Camden County,” Cybulski said. “I sincerely hope he enjoys his visit.

“I do have a little advice for Mayor Bloomberg. He should tell his driver to avoid county roads. I would hate to see him get a flat tire after hitting one of the crater-like potholes scattered across our county roads. If the driver ignores that advice and he does get a flat, it’s okay because there’s a 7-11 down the street from where the event is being held where Mayor Bloomberg can grab a Big Gulp in a plastic cup and drink through a plastic straw while he waits for a repair service.

“If Mayor Bloomberg decides to spend the night in the county, I suggest he wake up early and use one of our county parks,” said Gustafson. “Maybe he can figure out what the line item for ‘wow factor park improvements’ is in our county budget. It’s got to be a really special item given that the ‘wow factor park improvements’ line item is in addition to ‘general park improvements.’ I sincerely hope you enjoy your stay Mr. Mayor.”

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