Woodlynne Borough Employee, Friend Of The Mayor, Uses A Government Car For Personal Use


Apparently, Edwin Ramos, who is employed as a clerk by the borough of Woodlynne in Camden County and holds the title of “Deputy Police Director” enjoys using an unmarked police car for personal reasons.

The Bob & Steve Show has been provided video and photos of Ramos using the borough owned car to travel to at least two locations in Camden, Kaighn’s Liquor & Sports Bar at Kaighn and Mt Ephraim and Eddie’s Liquors at 7th and Chestnut. The photos are from weekend of December 1st and 2nd.

Sources tell The Bob & Steve Show that Ramos has a close personal relationship with Woodlynne Mayor Jeraldo Fuentes, with one source claiming Ramos is the Godfather to one of Fuentes’ children. Fuentes is the younger brother of Camden City Councilman Angel Fuentes. Ramos is retired from the old Camden PD.

Sources also say Ramos has a history of using the borough owned car for personal reasons.

Not only does Ramos use the borough owned car for what most municipal governments wouldn’t allow, he also appears to believe bus stops are reserved for him to park the car.

Ramos Bus Stop.jpg

And here is the car parked at Kaighn’s Liquor & Sports Bar in Camden where it is alleged Ramos works part time security

Ramos Kaighn Ave.jpg

Not one to allow the weather to ruin his hair, Ramos is sure to use an umbrella while getting in to the borough’s car.

Ramos Umbrella 2.jpg

 There’s going to be more coming out of Woodlynne, so stay tuned. For now, here’s a little video taken December 2nd at 3:05AM.