Three Congressmen Held A Press Conference To Complain President Trump Is Doing Exactly What He Said He Would Do


Apparently, Congressmen Bill Pascrell Jr., Frank Pallone Jr., and Donald Payne Jr. held a press conference to complain the Trump administration is “continuing to withhold almost $6 million in law enforcement grants.”

Well, duh, you were warned this would happen to “sanctuary cities and states.” Don’t take our word for it, read it here, here and here.

Now the congressmen want to complain something happened that they were told was going to happen? Sounds like more fake Democratic outrage.

Congressman Pascrell Jr. said at the press conference, “No one should ever play politics with our law enforcement, but this is exactly what Donald Trump and [Attorney General] Jeff Sessions are doing.”

But, that’s exactly what “sanctuary cities and states” are doing, playing politics with law enforcement. The “sanctuary” jurisdictions make us all less safe. Why have these congressmen not complained about “sanctuary cities and states” not obeying the law, in essence playing politics with law enforcement?

So, no Mr. Pascrell, you and your sanctuary loving friends are the ones playing politics with law enforcement.

Congressman Payne Jr. upped the ante complaining, “By forcing a false choice between abandoning our immigrant community or receiving federal law enforcement grants, the Trump administration has hurt every single New Jerseyan.”

Payne Jr. is plain wrong, there is no false choice, either follow the rules or don’t and “sanctuary cities and states” choose not to follow the rules. As children we are taught that if you don’t follow the rules you get punished. In other words, don’t complain if you get punished for breaking the rules. Especially if you were repeatedly warned of the consequences.

Making the claim the immigrant community is being abandoned is bogus. My legal immigrant neighbor and her children are doing just fine. By all appearances my neighbor’s illegal immigrant boyfriend is doing pretty good too, he was even arrested for attacking someone with a knife two years ago, held in a county jail in south Jersey, released and he’s still here, ILLEGALLY. My legal immigrant landlord is doing pretty good too, he owns and rents out 8 different homes.

Please Mr. Payne, spare me the immigrant community is being abandoned line because they aren’t.

Basically, the press conference held by Congressmen Bill Pascrell Jr., Frank Pallone Jr., and Donald Payne Jr. the other day can be summed up as they asked why Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions are doing exactly what they said they would do and the answer is for the congressmen to tell their sanctuary loving friends to follow the rules.