DEVELOPING: Resignation Does Not End The Paul Dougherty Saga. Unrelated Announcement Expected To Be Coming From Attorney General’s Office.

Paul Dougherty

Paul Dougherty

I didn’t think former Haddon Township Commissioner Paul Dougherty resigning before having his day in court over his hit and run accident made much sense, so I’ve been doing some digging.

Sources confirmed Dougherty has been dumped from many, and possibly all, of his municipal prosecutor positions, leading me to look further into why he resigned his position as commissioner.

It appears, Dougherty has even bigger problems.

Multiple sources have indicated there will soon be an announcement coming from the Attorney General’s office. Sources state the announcement is over Dougherty’s alleged involvement in a whistleblower lawsuit.

The lawsuit started in 2013 when Haddon Township police officer Denise Brodo discovered an issue with payment made to another officer. Click here to view the complaint.

As the story goes, Brodo and Dougherty were on friendly terms. Brodo went to Dougherty about the suit and problems she was facing in the department. Rather than doing as a commissioner should and immediately go to his fellow commissioners or the Township solicitor or anyone of authority, Dougherty allegedly referred Brodo to the law firm Costello & Mains, P.C. It is further alleged Dougherty received a referral fee after the case settled for $48,000 – a major “no, no.” As of this writing I’m still unsure as to whether the referral fee was paid from Brodo or the law firm.

We’ll be watching for the announcement expected to be coming soon from the Attorney General’s office and possibly a final conclusion to the Paul Dougherty Saga.