Senate Candidates Debated Last Night And Bob Menendez Could Only Point To Two “Accomplishments” In 25 Years


U.S. Senator Bob Menendez and Republican candidate for Senate Bob Hugin debated last night and the winner was whoever you wanted it to be. Here at The Bob & Steve Show we think Hugin won.

The problem with debates is, generally speaking, the people watching are the supporters of the combatants. The only way to actually win is to cause your opponent to have a complete meltdown. Even if that happens, in this day and age of election seasons, rather than just an election day, debates are held much too late. Debates need to be held earlier, in New Jersey, right before vote-by-mail ballots are sent out would be a good idea.

For me, last night’s debate told me that Bob Menendez has been in Washington, DC since 1993 and his only accomplishment was to bring back millions of dollars after Superstorm Sandy. My dog could have done that!

The fact of the matter is bringing money back after Superstorm Sandy was a group effort. My co-host on The Bob & Steve Show, Bob Greco, distinctly remembers as chairman of the Cumberland GOP, while cleaning the family shore home in Sea Isle City pausing to get on a conference a conference call with Governor Chris Christie and President Barack Obama and the governor making clear how this was a bipartisan effort.

Sure, as The Hill, pointed out, “Menendez repeatedly brought up his work on the Affordable Care Act, noting in his opening statement that he ‘proudly’ authored the health care law.” After a heart attack and my recent stay in the hospital I hate him for that. I’m one of the 20 million self-employed Americans who lost their insurance thanks to Obamacare and am now going to be broke for the rest of my life paying for those hospital stays. Thanks Menendez!

I don’t care what party you belong to. If you spend a quarter of a century in Washington, DC and you can only point to two accomplishments during an hour plus debate, you do not deserve to be re-elected. Period!

With all that said, Republicans need to get in line or we’re going to be stuck with another six years of Bob Menendez as the senior Senator from New Jersey. Too many Republicans, you’ve heard them, are whining about how they can’t vote for Hugin because he isn’t conservative enough.

To those Republicans, I am not going to make my usual arguments, those Republicans don’t listen anyway. Instead, listen to the words of JR Carman of the New Jersey Constitutional Republicans.

JR Carman is a smart guy, he has to be, he works with nukes or something to do with nuclear energy, either way, he’s smarter than me. He’s also very conservative, more conservative than me, and, trust me, my family thinks I’m an ultra right-wing conservative.

Carman, in his role as the founder of the New Jersey Constitutional Republicans, released a video about a week ago in which he talks about the importance of voting Republican to “slow down the Democratic Socialist Party's desire to destroy our Constitutional Republic.”

Watch the video, listen to the words and then go vote Republican, if you have a vote-by-mail ballot due it immediately after watching the video, otherwise get out there on November 6.