The Earth’s Climate Has Always Been Changing But There Is A Climate Strike Today

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There’s a climate strike today! Seriously.

I didn’t know it was a thing, but kids are skipping school to strike for “action on climate change.” Apparently, kids in New York City are permitted to cut class for this ridiculousness. I was surprised to learn that Philly kids will be marked absent for cutting class to take part in this moronic strike.

This “Climate Strike” is a global thing. How did I not know about it? The answer to that is simple. I’m not an idiot. I know the earth’s climate has always been changing and always will. I learned in high school that there have been several major ice ages. I also learned there were ice ages before humans burned one single fossil fuel.

I learned about the little ice age – you know the reason why Valley Forge was so friggin cold during the Revolutionary War and the reason there was so much ice in the Delaware River when George Washington led his troops across the river to surprise the drunken Hessians at Trenton. Has anyone reading this ever seen that much ice in the Delaware? In my 50something years on this earth I haven’t.

I learned the earth started coming out of the little ice age around 1850 which I’m guessing is why it was so stinking hot by the time the battle at Gettysburg took place during our Civil War.

Many believe Medieval witch hunts were courtesy of the Little Ice Age.

Who knows? Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe people were driving cars and burning fossil fuels to create the climate change that caused all the ices ages in earth’s 4.6 billion years of existence. Maybe it was dinosaur farts, cow farts or Medieval witches.

Whatever the case, the climate has always been changing, so enjoy your stupid strike.