Where’s Their Outrage Now?


Remember that time Assemblywoman Pamela Lampitt, Assemblywoman Patricia Egan Jones, and Camden County Freeholders Carmen Rodriguez and Susan Shin-Angulo were “outraged” when then U.S. Senate candidate Bob Hugin was “silent as allegations of sexual assault mount against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh?”

At the time, Camden County Republicans wanted to know why Lampitt, Egan Jones, Rodriguez and Shin-Angulo weren’t outraged over then Assemblyman Arthur Barclay admitting to punching his girlfriend.

Here we are more than a year later and these same women, Lampitt up for re-election, Rodriguez up for re-election and Shin-Angulo running for Mayor in Cherry Hill all remain silent that former Assemblyman Arthur Barclay, who admitted to punching his girlfriend during a domestic incident, still has a $60,000-a-year job with Camden County. (I didn’t mention Egan Jones because she’s decided not to run for re-election).

Over a year ago these South Jersey “women leaders” were outraged a man was silent about allegations of mistreatment of women. Today, they’re silent about a man who actually admitted to violence toward a woman who still has a job with the government run by the same political machine that helped them get elected. These women aren’t leaders – they’re hypocrites.

But, hypocrites or not, what will the “progressive” Democrats do? Will they vote for them anyway? Will the “progressive” Democrats in Camden County continue to be part of the problem and do as they’ve always done and vote for the machine Democrats on Election Day?

It’s time for the “progressive” Democrats to step up and show their outrage. Let’s see if they do.