CD2 Action: Fitzherbert Gets 2 More Endorsements

Brian Fitzherbert

Brian Fitzherbert

Yesterday I wrote that GOP congressional candidate in CD2 Brian Fitzherbert has been announcing endorsements at about once each week. Well, this morning he announced two more endorsements; Hamilton Township Committeewoman Maryetta Borkowski and Absecon Committeeman Greg Seher.

Both, Borkowski and Seher, are county committee members in Atlantic County and both have worked with Fitzherbert in his former role building the Atlantic County Young Republicans organization.

Fitzherbert has announced several endorsements from county committee members throughout the district. This may be a strategy to watch, especially when we get closer to county conventions.

The CD2 primary election field is already somewhat crowded. Others in the race include David Richter who announced three endorsements yesterday. Bob Patterson, despite his sticky issue with robbing women of the “remarkable” chemicals in semen, is still in the race and actively campaigning. Seth Grossman is still a rumored candidate and we’re waiting to hear if Brian Glackin, aka “new Brian” is getting into the race.

Stay tuned!

Note: While Bob has endorsed Brian Fitzherbert for next year’s CD2 primary, Steve is completely neutral and making no endorsement.