Who Didn’t See This Coming? Minimum Wage Increase Leads To Group Seeking More Taxpayer Money


According to a report by NJ101.5 New Jersey’s “leading child advocacy group is planning a big rally at the Statehouse” today.

Apparently, the group Advocates for Children of New Jersey (ACNJ) has a petition “with over a thousand signatures” that calls for “an additional $19 million in child care subsidy funding to be included in the new state budget.”

From the NJ101.5 report:

Ceil Zalkind, president and CEO of Advocates for Children of New Jersey, said with the minimum wage rising from $8.85 to $10 an hour on July 1, many of the licensed child care centers across the state will be required to pay their workers a higher salary, but it’s money they simply do not have.

Imagine that! Raising the minimum wage is leading to workers getting a higher salary! Who didn’t see that coming?

One can assume the folks at ACNJ were supportive of increasing the minimum wage. The Vice Chairperson of the Board, Sara D. Thom, according to her LinkedIn profile was once a Legislative Associate for U.S. Senator Russ Feingold and is a former Legislative Fellow for the US Senate Committee on Labor and Human Resources, Democratic Staff.

Obviously with that on the Vice Chairperson’s resume it’s safe to assume ACNJ has some left-leanings and likely supported the increase in the minimum wage.

And, now that they’ve gotten their wish of a higher minimum wage they want taxpayers to fork over $19 million.

What happens if ACNJ gets the legislature to agree to an additional $19 million in child care subsidy funding this year? Will they ask for an additional $19 million every year until 2024 when the minimum wage hits $15/hour?

Only in New Jersey!

They wanted an increase in the minimum wage – now they can deal with it.