Will The Unofficial South Jersey Young Republican Organization Ever Get Its House In Order?


I’ll start with a disclaimer: This post is NOT me taking a shot at young Republicans. It is me saying, once again, that the “leaders” of a rogue young Republican organization better start getting their house in order before they have a negative impact on the officially chartered young Republican organization.

To be clear, the South Jersey Young Republicans are not chartered and therefore not officially recognized by the Young Republican National Federation (YRNF). The Young Republican Federation of New Jersey (YRFNJ) is chartered and that means they are officially recognized.

Both organizations are fairly active on social media. The difference is the officially recognized group doesn’t post stupid stuff. The unofficial group tends to post stuff without bothering to gather facts, like the time the organization’s apparently self-appointed leader, Jenna Evans, made the false claim that Atlantic County Young Republicans Chairman Brian Fitzherbert tried to sabotage one of their events.

Evans’s claims were untrue, but that didn’t stop her, and others, from making the claim without checking the facts.

Well, it turns out Evans, or the person running her group’s Facebook page, still insists on posting things without checking facts. For example:


Granted, Evans and her sidekick Hirsh Singh (more on that in a bit), were only about 2 or 3 years old when that man stood in front of a tank at Tiananmen Square, but a simple Google search would have told them the guy was not run over by the tank.

One would think the leaders of the rogue young Republican group would fact check before sharing such an image. Apparently not.

And, just because I promised “more on that in a bit” here’s how I know Singh is Evans sidekick. Back in March, shortly after I wrote my piece proving that Evans didn’t know what she was talking about when she accused Fitzherbert of “sabotaging” her Atlantic City event she reached out to my radio show co-host Bob Greco. She set up a meeting with Greco, coincidentally not far from my house, and she brought Singh to that meeting. Two peas in a pod!

Why make it a point to out Singh as Evans sidekick? Singh wants to be Governor/Senator/Congressman/Senator and one would think that a guy who wants to be elected to an office who also appears to be a leader of a rogue YR organization might at least make sure that organization checks facts before posting to social media.

If the leaders of the rogue YR group do take the friendly advice and start fact checking before posting to social media, maybe then they’ll start thinking before posting distasteful items to their Facebook page:


While I completely understand they were going for humor when they shared the above post to the South Jersey Young Republicans Facebook page I believe Evans and Singh should have thought for a minute before posting. Apparently, I’m not the only one who thinks the post wasn’t the smartest thing to do:


“You’re kidding right?” And, “Probably should have deleted before posting this one. Keep it classy kids,” sum up my thoughts.

Sharing posts like the one above, while amusing to some, do nothing to advance the Republican cause and puts the official young Republican organization in the state at risk of being lumped in with the rogue organization. The lack of fact checking and thoughtless post sharing is not fair to the young Republicans who did things the right way and got chartered.

So, South Jersey Young Republicans, before you negatively impact the actual chartered Young Republican Federation of New Jersey please get your house in order