PRESS RELEASE: Fiocchi Calls On Andrejczak To Tell Voters Why He Supports The ‘Rain Tax’

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Republican candidate for state Senate in LD1 Sam Fiocchi called out state Senator Bob Andrzejczak on his support of the rain tax. Fiocchi’s press release follows:

VINELAND – Republican candidate for state Senate in the first legislative district, former Assemblyman Sam Fiocchi, had planned on calling on Governor Phil Murphy not to sign the recently passed ‘Rain Tax,’ but upon realizing replacement state Senator Bob Andrzejczak voted yes on the final version of the bill last week Fiocchi now wants Andrzejczak to explain to South Jerseyans why he supports the tax.

Andrzejczak almost was able to skate by on the ‘Rain Tax.’ Obviously, he couldn’t have voted on it in June of 2018 because he was not yet a state Senator and he couldn’t join the Assemblymen from his district in voting no last week because he is no longer a member of that body. Then, when push came to shove and the Senate passed the final version of the bill in a 25-11 vote, Andrzejczak was there to cast his yes vote.

“On the issue of the ‘Rain Tax’ there is no free pass for replacement state Senator Bob Andrzejczak.” Sam Fiocchi said, “This is bad law that not only taxes New Jerseyans even more, but also gives municipalities the ability to create more debt through the issuance of bonds to create stormwater utilities. Naturally, that additional debt will lead to even higher taxes in one of the highest taxed states in the nation.”

Fiocchi continued, “While I absolutely believe Phil Murphy should not sign this bad bill into law, I also think Mr. Andrzejczak needs to explain to the voters of South Jersey why he believes they should pay even more to live in New Jersey simply because it rains.”

“As a Cumberland County Freeholder and as an Assemblyman I have always stood up for South Jersey.” Fiocchi said, “Mr. Andrzejczak’s decision to vote to add even more to the cost of living in New Jersey is one of many reasons why I look forward to putting my record up against his in the upcoming election.”

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