It’s Election Season – Time For Committee People To Do Their Jobs


It’s that time of year…Election Season!

Vote-by-Mail ballots are out and being sent back, candidates are (or should be) knocking on doors, mailers are landing in mailboxes and committee people should be getting folks to vote.

I cannot understand why anyone would put their name on the June ballot to be an elected county committee member and then do nothing. Being a committee person is more than simply showing up at the annual county party convention to vote on which primary election candidate is awarded the line. And, in those counties that have selection committees then some committee persons do even less.

As a committee person you are the party’s representative in your neighborhood. You should be making certain that every registered Republican knows, at the very least, who the Republican municipal candidates are.

Talk to your neighbors. It’s easy! Just last night, after dinner, walking my dog I stopped at my neighbor’s house on the corner. Mostly I stopped to tell him his “No Warehouse” sign was freaking stupid. While explaining how dumb fighting against a warehouse that will provide hundreds of thousands of dollars of local property tax with hardly any use of local services I noticed his unopened Vote-by-Mail ballot sitting on the coffee table. I immediately switched gears and chatted about the local election. He opened the ballot, asked who I was supporting, then filled it out. Boom! Easy votes.

After that, the neighbor, my dog and I walked to his next door neighbor’s house. Boom! More easy votes.

Long story short, in a little over an hour, my neighbor, my dog and I walked around the neighborhood and secured eight mail-in votes for Republicans, even though the majority of the voters were registered Democrats. Fortunately, we had a common enemy – Governor Phil Murphy.

It’s not hard to be a committee person. Republicans win when we do our jobs! Go get us some votes!