Press Release: Fiocchi Announces In LD1

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Sam Fiocchi got into the LD1 Senate race today. His press release follows:

Former Assemblyman Sam Fiocchi Announces Candidacy For Senate In LD1

Fiocchi looks forward to going back to Trenton to “fight hard for our district and all of South Jersey.”

VINELAND – Former Cumberland County Freeholder and NJ state Assemblyman from the First Legislative District, Sam Fiocchi, announced today he is a candidate for state Senate in New Jersey’s first district.

“Throughout the last election cycle people from across the district encouraged me to run for this senate seat,” Sam Fiocchi said. “My answer was always that it was not time to talk about the senate seat and that we had to focus on helping Seth Grossman’s congressional campaign. I did exactly that.”

“Unfortunately, Seth wasn’t successful, and folks continued to encourage me to make an announcement.” Fiocchi continued, “After careful consideration, many conversations with friends and family and, most recently, listening to Governor Murphy’s State of the State address I have decided now is the time to announce I am running for state Senate in the first legislative district.”

“Frankly, I found it disingenuous that the Governor would thank our veterans for their service knowing that at least $1.2 million was removed from the Department of Military and Veterans’ Affairs in his state budget yet he could find $2 million for the defense of illegal aliens in this state,” Fiocchi said. “The fact that our former state Senator, our newly anointed state Senator, the Assemblyman in the district nor any candidate for any office in the first district has said a word about this is just as bad. I am truly thankful for the service of our veterans and intend to fight to restore those funds to the Department of Military and Veterans’ Affairs.”

“The Governor spoke a lot about a ‘stronger and fairer’ New Jersey. I see nothing stronger or fairer about raising taxes and will work hard to halt any proposed tax increase.” Fiocchi added, “There is nothing stronger or fairer about turning New Jersey into a sanctuary state, it makes us less safe, I will always stand up for law abiding citizens and the rule of law. Those living in our state illegally should not be given drivers licenses.”

“After a year of Governor Murphy and a lack of leadership in fighting his progressive agenda in the first legislative district New Jersey is neither fairer or stronger to anyone. I intend to go to the state Senate and fight for the hard working, law abiding residents of our district, just as I did as an Assemblyman,” Fiocchi said. “I look forward to an honest, yet spirited, primary election and beyond to an equally tough general election and going back to Trenton to fight hard for our district and all of South Jersey.”

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