PRESS RELEASE: CCGOP Freeholder Candidates Ask Why County Residents Pay For Two Police Departments But Are Served By One

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Cybulski And Gustafson Ask Why County Residents Pay For Two Police Departments But Are Served By One

Republican Freeholder candidates say county police department should serve the entire county

CHERRY HILL – Republican candidates for Camden County Freeholder, Keith Cybulski and Claire Gustafson said today that a Ferris wheel that broke down with at least six children on it at the Camden County Fair over the weekend raises some questions.

According to published reports the Ferris wheel left some riders stranded 40 feet in the air. The Blackwood Fire Department and Gloucester Township Police Departments responded and performed flawlessly.

“I spent over 10 years as a member of the fire department in my hometown, I know the difficulties that come with the job, as such Claire and I want to congratulate the Blackwood Fire Department on a job well done,” Keith Cybulski said. “While the fire and police departments performed well, one has to wonder where the Camden County Police Department was, county taxpayers pay for the county police and the County Fair was held on county property.”

Claire Gustafson added, “It only makes sense that a county police department should be handling issues on county property, leaving local police to patrol their local neighborhoods. We had a great county parks police department that would have handled police duties at the weekend’s incident before the Democrats messed things up with the creation of the county police department that patrols only Camden city.”

Cybulski asked, “Is it fair county taxpayers pay for their local police departments and a county department that only patrols Camden? Is it fair to force local departments to do the job that should be done by the county police department?”

“It’s terrible that it took a broken Ferris wheel to show taxpayers how unfairly they’re treated by county government,” said Gustafson. “Every taxpayer not living in the city of Camden is paying for two police departments but only being served by one. At least when we had a parks police department we were served by two departments.”

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