Hypocrisy Is Alive And Well In Camden

Camden Mayor Frank Moran

Camden Mayor Frank Moran

I really hate to go on and on about the Holtec story but I’m mad. I’m mad that the press in this state allows politicians to get away with their BS.

In this case the BS is the press letting Camden Mayor Frank Moran off the hook for not going after Congressman Donald Norcross in the way he attacked Holtec’s Kris Singh. We can argue all day about the comments Singh made concerning Camden’s workforce, but there is no argument that Norcorss’ made remarks that backed up Singh’s comments. Even those who protested in front of Holtec in Camden “blasted” Norcross according to WHYY.

I will say Moran was right to stand up for his city. Any mayor should go on the attack when one perceives someone disses their municipality. Unfortunately, Moran loses points for choosing to go after only Singh.

If I can see Norcross backed Singh up, protesters can see it and public television can see it, why can’t the rest of the press? Why can’t Mayor Moran?

Instead, from New Jersey’s press all we get is excuse after excuse, employers should invest in training, blah, blah, blah. When I entered my first career as an EMS professional I went and paid for training out of my own pocket. Before going into political consulting I went to school at night and paid for it out of my own pocket. My point? I found a way to get the education required to do what I wanted to do.

Moran was quoted, “This is a warning to anyone that wishes to diss my city,” and “We will not tolerate anyone speaking down to my city.” One would think that the rule according to Moran would include Norcross. Apparently not, because after making his rule clear Moran was at a press conference with Norcross. According to WHYY:

Yet at the City Hall press conference, Moran and a half dozen other local leaders vouched for Norcross’ character and praised the work he has done in Camden, where he lives. The two-term congressman also announced that he would be organizing a summit on jobs and career training in Camden next week.

Moran didn’t publicly demand Norcross apologize for his remarks like he did Singh. Nope! Instead Moran stood at a press conference with Norcross and praised him. Why the double standard from Moran?

What about the warning? Did Moran mean anyone not in the Democratic Party that disses his city? It appears Moran tolerated Norcross’ diss of his city. Or is it okay because he and Norcross are both Democrats?

These are fair questions that residents of Camden deserve to have answered by Moran. I sent an email, via the city’s website, asking Mayor Moran to come on The Bob & Steve Show yesterday. I even explained in the email that we do have listeners who live in Camden. We’ve had callers from Camden, so we know it to be true. So far my email has gone unanswered.

Whether Moran accepts my invitation to come on the show or not remains to be seen, but one thing is clear, calling out Singh and then joining Norcross and praising him at a press conference is hypocritical at best. At worst, it’s a sign Moran is afraid of the Norcross machine. I prefer to believe the mayor is a hypocrite, and at The Bob & Steve Show we’ll do our best not to let him get away with his hypocrisy.