He Has An Anti-Law Enforcement History; Stop With The Jeff Van Drew Is A Conservative Garbage

Jeff Van Drew

Jeff Van Drew

Only in New Jersey could a guy who has a history of NOT supporting police be called a conservative. And, that is an argument by some Republicans who don’t want to support Seth Grossman for Congress. These people say something along the lines of, “Well, Jeff Van Drew isn’t so bad, he’s really a conservative.”

The problem is Van Drew’s not a conservative. He’s definitely not a friend of law enforcement.

Remember, Jeff Van Drew was okay with the former assemblyman from his district, Nelson Albano, trying to ruin the career of a state trooper. Not only was Van Drew okay with Albano trying to ruin a trooper’s career, he went on a popular South Jersey talk radio show and said the situation that became known as “Troopergate,” was “much ado about nothing.”

To add insult to injury Jeff Van Drew is a supporter of New Jersey’s horrible bail reform. It didn’t matter that law enforcement was against bail reform, Jeff Van Drew admitted, “I voted for this reform because I thought it was the right thing to do, but we have to make sure it is working in a way that keeps the most dangerous offenders off the streets before trial.”

Bail reform never worked “in a way that keeps the most dangerous offenders off the streets before trial,” and Van Drew didn’t lift a finger to “make sure” it was working. Van Drew did exactly the opposite and, in late 2017, voted in support of Senate Bill 2850 to throw over $9 million dollars away to continue New Jersey’s failed bail reform.

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But that’s okay, keep kidding yourselves and believing Van Drew is conservative, and remember next time you read about some dirt bag who should be in jail committing a crime, it’s your fault for continuing to be supportive of Van Drew.