Another Camden County Democrat Heads To Court


What’s in the water at Camden County’s Democratic Headquarters? A second elected official from their party is now headed to court in as many months.

You may recall, back in June, former Assemblyman Arthur Barclay resigned that post for “health reasons” after it was discovered he was arrested for a domestic violence incident.

At that time, Camden County Republicans asked why it took 11 days from arrest to resignation and wondered if the arrest was kept quiet so the former assemblyman could cast a vote for the state‘s budget. A county spokesman promised an investigation, that may or may not have happened, and Camco Republicans have asked if Barclay still holds his county job.

Last week, according to a published report, Haddon Township Commissioner Paul Dougherty has been accused of “accused of leaving the scene of an accident” and “charged with driving without a license.”

This latest incident involving a county Democrat happened on July 19 and Republicans are asking why it took two weeks to become public. A valid question considering it took almost two weeks for the Barclay incident to become public, which happened only after Republicans discovered it.

Haddon Township is a nonpartisan town, but Dougherty is an elected member of the Camden County Democratic Committee. He also happens to be the municipal prosecutor in at least three municipalities in Camden County. As a prosecutor Dougherty should have known better to drive without a license and county Republicans were right to point that out in a press release this morning.

So, now we have an elected Township official, who has been accused of leaving the scene of an accident, who the town’s cops have accused of being seen in a “suspected state of intoxication” in the past.

Dougherty’s past controversies do give cause to wonder why a guy apparently driving without a license is accused of leaving the scene of an accident. And, Camden County Republicans are right to ask if he’s going to be kept on as a municipal prosecutor if he really is, or has been, driving without a license as a prosecutor should know better.

Camden County Democrats should answer the questions about these two cases because both have been holding positions that pay them with taxpayer dollars.